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Increase Your Revenue

by Doing the One Thing Most Businesses Fail To Do

June 6 – Mesa, AZ

It’s not social media.  It’s not websites or SEO.  And it’s not emails or texts. It’s follow-up!  And if you fixed this one issue, you’d blow the competition away.

Most businesses let 80% of their leads fall through the cracks by failing at follow-up and it’s costing them revenue.  Big time!

At this workshop, we’re going to help you fix that.

Facebook is Falling

Crucial Marketing Strategies You Must Activate Now

June 27 – Webinar

Facebook is on the decline and marketing on the platform has become more difficult. The “Facebook Apocalypse” which started early 2018 is for real and continues to gain momentum. There’s a lot more competition. Ad costs have risen and are projected to soar even higher.

Should you diversify to other social platforms?
And if so, which ones?

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